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Thanks for visiting my blog. As the title suggests, I love to scrapbook, stamp, and sing! I will share cards and scrapbook pages I create, as well as information about my music - Barbershop harmony.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

It's Mother's Day and I was able to spend the day with my parents, two siblings and my sister-in-law.  We had a fun day playing the card game Phase 10 (oops - Dad won, not Mom) and eating Culver's chicken (yummy!).

No craft projects to share today (I shared my Mother's Day card in an earlier post) - just a photo of me and my mammy. 

Mammy worked hard all her life for us kids and still can't resist helping us out whenever she can.  Caribou Coffee had a buy one, get one free coffee deal for Mother's Day.  So I take her there to get her free coffee (Caramel High Rise) and she insists on paying for mine!  I tell her - it's Mother's Day, can't I buy?  Oh no - she wants to do it.  She also insisted on buying the Culver's chicken.  I know you mothers out there can relate.

Wishing all my dear blogging friends a Happy Mother's Day!  Hope you had a wonderful day, whatever you did!  Thanks for stopping....