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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

More from my Ireland trip

Sorry it's been a while since my last post.  I had some catching up to do following my fabulous trip to Ireland in May.  Just tuning in?   This is post #4 about my trip to visit Heather.  I'm relating all the fun of a little junket Heather and I took into the countryside.  On day 3 of this trip we started out with a lovely breakfast at The Harp B&B.  The Harp, like other B&Bs, offers "the full Irish breakfast" but I asked for scrambled eggs on toast, receiving quite a mound of eggs!  Of course, there was tea aplenty.  While I'm a decaf espresso drinker typically, I grew to enjoy a cuppa with Heather. 

We packed up and headed back to Killarney National Park where we were rained out the previous day.  While it sprinkled rain on us off and on, it was so much better weather!  Due to the recent rains, Torc Waterfall was gushing water.  Here's my shot of it:

Torc Waterfall

It's a short walk from a parking lot up to the falls via a crushed rock path.  The foliage was amazing - so many ferns and tree trunks covered with moss.  Then we headed up the road to Moll's Gap, a pass on the R71 road between Killarney and Kenmare.  Across the way, Ladies' View - a jaw dropping view of the lakes of Killarney National Park, so named because Queen Victoria's ladies in waiting were brought here for a view of the lakes.  Heather took my photo and I took hers at this overlook:

Ladies view Ladies view Heather

Then we head up the road, walked out onto some rocks, and I zoomed in a bit on the lakes for this photo:
Another lake view

With the rainy weather, we decided not to make the entire drive of the Ring of Kerry, a 179 km trip along narrow, winding roads.  Instead we just drove to Sneem, on Kenmare Bay just off the Atlantic Ocean.  We walked around quite a bit in Sneem, known as the knot in the Ring of Kerry.  I just loved this little cottage we spotted on our rambles:

sneem cottage

On the way back to Killarney we stopped at the Avoca Shop and Café at Moll's Gap where we had a Rocky Road bar and I tried the vegetable soup (not as delicious as in Ardmore but still quite good) and yummy brown bread.  Then we headed over to Ross Castle; here's  one of my shots of it:

Ross Castle

Thank goodness it wasn't raining and we got some great views of the lower lake, including this one:

Killarney lower lake
Then we headed up the road to Adare, a Tidy Towns winner and a a quaint little spot.  Since this post is getting rather long, I'll save talking about Adare for the next installment :)
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Barb said...

Another great post of your trip, Linda! Really enjoying them! ♥

Heather Maria said...

Wonderful post and wonderful photos, Linda! I'm so glad you enjoyed our trip to one of my favourite parts of the country and thank goodness it did stop raining eventually;) I'd love to be right there again now!

Robin K. said...

Your pics are so breathtaking!