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Monday, May 26, 2014

Two sistas meet - in IRELAND!

Just arrived home last night from Ireland so I'm bursting to share all about it!!  First and foremost I was able to meet dear friend Heather and her family.  Then I was introduced to an amazingly beautiful country to which I can't wait to return!

Where to begin?  I guess I'll start in 2009 when I was new to the Hero Arts Flickr group.  Many people were so welcoming but I became good friends with Heather Maria.  We bonded over cardmaking and baking; I think it was a recipe exchange on the group that started us Flickr mailing back and forth.  Then in 2011 we became Hero Hostesses together (along with Sally, Anita and Sharon) and began hoping we'd meet someday. 

Knowing me, that "someday" would've stayed just that, a future non-plan.  But with Heather's help, the "someday" became "2014" and we had a firm plan with both Heather and I taking off a week of work.  My idea was for me to stay at a little B&B near her town so we could run around together but Heather wouldn't hear of it.  She invited me to stay with her and her family!  We had never met in person until I arrived at Dublin airport on May 17th but immediately I felt so comfortable with the entire family, including sweet Toby the dog.  The Irish are known for their hospitality (fáilteachais in Irish) and I got plenty of it at the Doran's home.  Here are the two of us - I'll let Heather share the family photo if she wants.

Two Hostess Sistas meet in Ireland (Linda W and Heather)

After settling in - sorry, the crafty space had to make way for my suitcases - we Scrambled on the Hero Arts Flickr group with Barb G. as the hostess.  Here's the card I made after traveling over 12 hrs:
Scramble Owl

Barb's theme was a one-layer with no embellies which was difficult!  All the materials were from Heather's stash - I used a new Hero Arts clear set CL756 OWH Missing You and a branch from a woodblock set LP140 Just a Note Bird.  I must've been tired as, even with a clear stamp, I managed to stamp my owl a bit above the branch.  Oh well, I just filled the space in with a bit of green marker.  It was fun to Scramble with Heather in the same room - I felt bad though because she had to find things for me instead of working on her own card.  But we both managed to get done and have fun doing it!!

Next day, it was off to one of Heather's favorite places - Wicklow Mountains National Park with Glendalough, the gorgeous valley of two lakes.  I didn't realize how rainy the weather in Ireland is.  Well, it rained plenty on us at the park but we managed to walk all around the easy trails.  There are many other more strenuous hikes in the park - Heather has been on many of them but I'm not much of an outdoor gal.  I thought I was doing pretty well keeping up with Heather who's 10 years younger than I am! 

Here's one of my favorite photos of this area, taken from a scenic overlook above:

Wicklow Natl Park

Notice the yellow flowers which are Gorse - the bushes are very thorny and you see them all over, sometimes in long hedges bordering farm fields.  We won't tell how I ended up being punctured by barbed wire - luckily it was pretty new wire and not too deep a cut on my finger.  I had plenty of first aid stuff in my purse (must be the old Girl Scout training) so I cleaned it up right away.

Besides the beautiful scenery, there is a monastic city from the 6th century with a round tower, ruins of a church and abbey.  Here's a photo taken as we walked toward the round tower; it blends in a bit with the trees behind it but hopefully you can spot it:

Wicklow round tower

I will share more of my amazing week later.  Right now, my body thinks it's 6 hrs later than MN time and I still have things to do to get ready for the week ahead.  Thanks for stopping by!


Grá O'Neill said...

Hope you enjoy your visit and get to see all the sites with some crafty time in between :)

Lin said...

Sigh......I'm so jealous! Beautiful green in that last picture, no doubt from the rains. Rest up, and then share more with us!

Virginia Lu said...

When you were playing Scramble, I had NO idea about you staying with Heather (I was living under a Canadian ROCK, apparently)! How FABULOUS that Heather opened her door and showed you the hospitality! But then again, you are a sweetie and you deserve a good friend like Heather! Thanks for sharing the scenic photos. I am happy for you both!...maybe some day..!

Barb said...

Oh, Linda, I cannot wait to see and hear more about your trip! Didn't even know you were going to visit Heather but am so happy for both of you! It was destiny that the two of you meet - so glad it finally happened! Love the photos! And what fun that you got to play in a scramble right next to each other! Non of us had any idea! Hope you get some rest now and I'll look forward to more pics! Hugs! ♥

Judy1223 said...

WOW, Linda! I remember when so many new friendships were forming in the Hero Arts Flickr group and you were both Hero Hostesses together...how cool to be able to meet and stay together in Ireland! The pictures are beautiful and it sounds like you had a great time together. Can't wait to hear more about your trip!

Robin K. said...

Oh my goodness Linda! What an amazing experience!! I look forward to hearing more about your adventure and seeing more pics! All the green is just beautiful!

Heather Maria said...

Oh Linda, I love this post, it brings back so many fun memories (excluding the barbed wire, of course!) of a week that went by all too quickly! I'm so delighted that after all this time we finally got to meet and loved spending lots of time with you on your first visit here. Would you believe today the sky is totally blue, it's supposed to stay dry and get into the high 60s - see you should have stayed another week;)

Dawn Turley said...

How exciting for you and Heather to meet. What awesome photos... the one of the two of you and the scenery.

CinnamonSally said...

OH my Linda looks like you had a fabulous time in Ireland with Heather. Its so good that you have met at last and you got to stamp together!!Fabulous photos too!!

Trinh said...

How wonderful that you and Heather got to meet in person!! And so fun that the 2 of you participated in the scramble together. Can't wait to hear more about your adventures.

Anita Rex said...

Oh my goodness I just stumbled along this post! I hope you do see this comment! I am so happy the two of you met! I know how awesome you are and easy to be around so I know you would have fun! So wonderful you went all the way to Ireland! Amazing! I read a bunch of the posts and it really looks like the two of you had a really good time together! :>