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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Bowling for Barbershop

Hi everyone - most of the time my blog is about stamping but I have to include the singing part of my life now and again.  Today my chorus, City of Lakes from Minneapolis, participated in a Sweet Adelines International fund-raiser called Bowling for Barbershop.  What fun we had from 1 to 5pm at Pinstripes in Edina MN!!

Here's my team, the Bari Strikers:

I chose that name because I sing Baritone and we, obviously, wanted strikes in our scores.  Well, the strikes were few and far between but we enjoyed our time on the lanes.  There was no competition involved - no prizes awarded based on scores.  It was all for fun.  It only cost $10 per person to bowl three games, including shoes.  And what delicious food Pinstripes serves!  We ordered the chicken avocado flatbread - wish I had a photo of it - yummy!!

When I bowled on a league years ago, I had an average of 151.  Well today, I was glad I broke 300 for my 3 game series!  Guess I should've practiced a bit beforehand!!

After bowling, we headed over to the bocce ball courts - they have three at Pinstripes.  Heidi and I took on Stella and Mary (Heidi's mom).  Elaine had left us and Mary's team hadn't started bowling yet so she joined us at bocce.  I had never played and had a hard time throwing the ball gently!  Many of my throws ended up hitting the back wall - a dead ball - darn!  I got better with practice but Stella and Mary triumphed, reaching the magic 7 to our 2 points.  Here we are:


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Heather Maria said...

Linda, sounds like you and your friends had a fun day! It was great hearing about it and seeing the photos - you look wonderful and I love your Chorus top! Enjoy your fun day:):)

Dawn T said...

looks like you had a great time Linda.