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Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas to everyone celebrating! No cards to share today and Merry Monday is off this week but we'll be back on January 1st with a new challenge.

People ask me to post my Christmas trees so that's what I'll do today. This year I was busy with a chorus show, playing in a church orchestra, helping my parents, etc. so I only had two this year. First - a 7.5' slim tree in my family room and second - a mini wood frame tree I got at Hallmark this year.

Oops - cut the topper off my slim tree when I took the photo but it's a paper maiche angel a friend gave me years ago. Since I was in a bit of a hurry with my decorating, I put the first topper that came out of the storage closet. Of course I had to put my musical ornaments on the tree - hippo that plays "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas" , a jolly Santa in a sombrero playing "Feliz Navidad", Snoopy's dog house that plays a Charlie Brown Christmas song, bell that plays "Carol of the Bells", among others. I think I've mentioned in the past that I go around the tree often during the day, hitting all the play buttons! I'm easy to entertain!!

The wood frame tree (about 14" tall) has mostly 2017 minis but I added a few from earlier years. I have an 18" mini tree that I usually put up but it's a lot of work and I didn't get it done this year. Same with my wreath with several sets of Christmas mice ornaments that I collected from Hallmark years ago. Oh well, we do what we can.... I think the wood tree would look nice with a backing so I'll work on that for next year.

Hope you have a wonderful day like I'll enjoy with family and friends! Thanks for stopping!!


Rosemary said...

love your tall slim tree, linda!! it is so pretty!! hope you had a wonderful Christmas!!

Greta said...

Oh how fun to have musical ornaments on your tree! I have a music box collection, but none on the tree. The little wooden tree is so sweet & will be interested to see how you back it. Happy Holidays, Linda!

Lin said...

What a treat to see your trees, Linda! Loved the skinny one, and love that you have musical ornaments on it - so appropriate for you!

Bonnie said...

Beautiful Christmas trees! I like that you can see the ornament on the little tree when you're coming and going!