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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Heart Sachets

Hi everyone - Valentines' Day is my favorite holiday and I love heart stuff! When my friend Lin blogged back in April about the new Simon Says Stamp plush heart dies, I was enthralled! I went right over to SSS and ordered two sets. I couldn't decide on just one and why should I?! Thanks for the enabling, Lin!!

It took me a while before I had time to play with them, but I finally made the effort earlier this month. I was planning a trip with my friend Heather Maria and her family. I wanted to take her something special that I had handmade so that's when I got out the SSS plush dies. I decided a sachet would be fun to make. Here are my first two (and only, so far) attempts:

Supplies: Dies - Simon Says Stamp Plush Blooming Heart - S376 & Plush Charmed Heart - S377 
Felt, Fusible Interfacing & filling from JoAnn's; DMC embroidery floss; May Arts ribbon; fragrance pouch from Michael's 

I started by making the one on the left but couldn't resist making another so did the one on the right (Heather got that one - more on the trip later...). I bought a bunch of different felt colors, then cut the hearts in powder blue (2 of each) and the embellishments from teal, pink, rose, chartreuse, & green. My Vagabond got a workout that night!! So, I'm making sachets but what do I get for fragrance?? I didn't want to use the dried flower potpourri stuff. I ended up buying some of those envelopes that you normally leave sealed and throw into your dresser drawers. I opened one up and what's inside looks like clay crumbles - very fragrant - as in so strong, I was sneezing a lot! Knew I didn't want to use much of it and I didn't want it to stain my felt!! What could I do??

I ended up buying some fusible interface and I diecut two heart shapes for each sachet from the interface. I put a bit of the scented clay inside of one, popped a second atop, and sealed them with my iron. I trimmed the pouch down, cutting off most of the stitching holes but left a few at top and bottom to anchor it inside the felt hearts. I stitched the ribbon hanger onto the scented pouch and, when I stitched the pouch inside the felt hearts, I used some plush filling to fatten them up. I stitched all the embellishments onto the front hearts before adding the pouch, plush and back, then stitched together. I used a hot glue gun to adhere the bitty flowers. 

The shapes are fun to stitch and you can put together a sachet in an afternoon. The hardest part was putting together the sachet pouch but it was well worth the effort! If I had been more ambitious, I could've make a bunch of these for our chorus fundraiser in May.....oh well! I was lucky to make two - prototype for myself and a second one for Heather. I know she really liked hers - mine is still sitting in a bag from showing it to some friends. Really should get it into the closet!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you're having a fabulous week!!


Dawn Turley said...

Beautifully done Linda.

Lin said...

They turned out great, Linda, and thanks for the tip about adding scent to them! I'm excited to hear all about your visit with Heather!

Betty Keefe said...

these are adorable Linda - i must give these a try - love them!

Cat Craig said...

So darling Linda!

Heather Doran said...

Linda, I just LOVE your fabulous hearts! The colours are so pretty, your stitching is absolutely perfect and the scent is beautiful! Thanks for the great tips on making them! I've been showing off the gorgeous one you gave me and everyone here is mad about it too! Thanks so much again for it and all the die cuts you gave me to make some - sorry if you got an ache in your hands from all that cutting!

Greta said...

Oh wow--these are so wonderful, Linda! I love sachets & never see them in the stores now--not that any were as great as yours! Wish these were a class I could attend in person. Then I'd be making them--already have a lot of felt but none of the dies.