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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Singing Valentines

I love Valentine's Day (my birthday!) so much, mainly because my chorus does Singing Valentines as a fund-raiser.  We have a lot of fun, going out as quartets, to sing a song for the purchaser's loved one.  I wish I could share all the amazing times we've had doing this.  Embarrassing a burly truck driver in front of his cheering coworkers about being a "buttercup" (from the old song Cuddle Up a Little Closer) or singing for a tiny child undergoing treatment at the Shriner's Hospital (still brings tears to my eyes!).

This year I'm excited to report that my former quartet Chord Company (we retired last summer but still sing in chorus together) will record a video Valentine!  The chorus will be able to send the YouTube link by email.  Don't you love technology!  There's even a special for sending a Valentine to someone in the military.  The advertising flyer includes a photo of Chord Company wearing our red contest suit from last year.  Not this photo - this is one we took with my camera - suit looks more rose colored here; I'm on the left.

For more info - go to http://www.cityoflakes.org/

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!  I'm hoping to finish a card I started last week and have redesigned about three times!


Heather Maria said...

Oh Linda, that is such a lovely and brilliant idea for fun raising! Any photos of that truck driver's face - I'd love to see it?! Beautiful photo of your Chord Company - you are all so glam!

Barb said...

You all look just beautiful! So glad you've decided to start a blog! :)

Nancy said...

Hi Linda...I'm just a little tardy with the blog-warming greetings, but welcome to blogland, I'm so glad you jumped in! It's nice to see a photo of you too (you know, a face to go with the name). How wonderful to hear of how your singing blesses others too!
I'm sure I'll be visiting often, adding you to my blog list.

CinnamonSally said...

Wow Linda what a glamorous photo I love your rose suits and so good to see a photo off you, as Nancy says its great to put a face to the name. Congratulations on starting your blog It will become addictive!!!